When it comes to the success of any organization, access control lists as a top security feature that must be taken into consideration. Control systems that revolve around access can take care of who enters and leaves your facility under your will and understanding. Having knowledge regarding things like these is necessary and that is why we bring to you CubeZix’s wide variety of Access Control Services.

How can access control systems make a difference?

There may be certain or specific areas that control or restrict certain personnel from entering a designated area. Your entry can depend on a certain day of the week, time of day or what your post in the organization may be. Its little things like this that can make the most difference and that’s why we have you covered at all times.

Security systems that are created for your building not only secures entry into your property but also works to complement the current infrastructure upon which your business is based.

Our system options can include the following:

  1. Biometric device entities
  2. Proximity readers
  3. Turnstiles

Each option comprises of the best and most innovative technical mechanisms possible, designed to grant your business safe and secure at all times. Hardware used is the best in the business, modern in design and available at the most competitive costs today.

CubeZix offers intensely advantageous access control systems

Our aim towards giving businesses access control systems is to overcome the numerous drawbacks related to traditional lock and key mechanisms.

  • Our access control systems give you full capability of controlling which doors can be open and when they can be opened.
  • None of the access control system cards have the potential of being duplicated
  • When an organization member loses or misplaces their card, the system has the potential of disabling that particular card for security reasons.
  • With good accessibility command, only one card can be used to open up all the doorways that are termed accessible for that particular team member. This negates the use of possessing multiple cards for a certain point of access.


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