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Data Recovery Services

Disaster Recovery Services Dubai

CubeZix provides managed IT Services for your IT needs.

An effective disaster recovery solution for a business datacenter needs to address a wide array of potential risks, from weather-related events to ransomware, human error, faulty or inadequate physical infrastructure and hardware, as well as numerous other possible sources of disruption.

Managed disaster recovery begins with identifying and mitigating these risks. A disaster related disruption can compromise and undermine your businesses model in ways that go beyond simply the risk of losing access to mission critical data and resources. An effective and dependable Managed Disaster Recovery service ultimately protects your hard earned reputation, customer loyalty and brand value.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery Services


With our state-of-the-art Data Centre infrastructure, backup and advanced Disaster Recovery services, your business-critical data are secure both physically and digitally.

Reduced Downtime

Our Disasters Recovery Solutions and Co-location services minimize downtime and keeps your business up and running.

Customized Solutions

As UAE's leading Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Service Providers, we offer tailored solutions.

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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions to recover business-critical applications in case of a disaster. Disaster Recovery solutions enable the highest standards in operational resilience that are compatible with your specific business profile. As a business continuity service provider, the flexible options we offer your organization allow customizable control in maintaining a proactive disaster preparedness status, with the help of up to date and evolving solutions.

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