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CubeZix provides Admin outsourcing services in Dubai, UAE which saves time and performance by delegating your daily tasks.

Administrative Outsourcing

Administrative outsourcing, also known as Business Process Outsourcing, or BPO, is the outsourcing of specific administrative processes to an external service provider. Business Process Outsourcing is an essential tool for increasing agility, regardless of your area of focus, because it allows you to focus on what is most important.

Outsourcing your company’s administrative chores will relieve your in-house team of time-consuming and inconvenient secretarial work. Admin Outsourcing keeps track of everything, including internal and external meetings, reminders, tasks, and deadlines. Administrative support personnel assists executives with the daily operations of the business by doing clerical and administrative tasks.

Admin Outsourcing - Cubezix

Outsourced Administrative Tasks

  • Ensures that travel is in line with Company policy and provides value for money for the company taking account of different time zones and the work-life balance of participants, travel arrangements (air tickets, hotel, transportation, visa, registrations to events)
  • Maintains and operates filing and other record systems to meet local needs
  • Collates documentation, carrying out defined checks to ensure all items are included correctly
  • Generates routine reports within clear guidelines and timetables to meet the ongoing needs of the function
  • Provides information and guidance on processing activities and resolves routine queries and issues to meet customer requirements
  • Receives and carries out processing of messages and incoming data
  • Follows up on processing activities to ensure the high quality of the service delivered
  • Administration Support & Plan and discuss the calendar with Function Heads. Identify important and regular meetings/requests and follow up

Outsourced Admin Services in Dubai, UAE

Get outsourced admin services to fulfill your organizational needs in a cost-effective manner.

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Outsourced Admin Services

Every department in a company is in charge of a variety of tasks that are critical to the company’s growth and success. As a startup, it is critical that you keep meticulous records of all company procedures in which you will be involved. One of our primary responsibilities at CubeZix is to provide skilled outsourced administrative services to our clients.

Outsourcing administrative services is one way to avoid doing a time-consuming task. Spend more time developing strategies to assist your company in reaching its full potential. You’ll never have to worry about hiring full-time administrative staff if you outsource administrative services to our team, and you’ll never pay the full price. CubeZix can provide you with cost-effective administrative services right now.