Business Process Outsourcing

Our business process outsourcing (BPO) services focus on addressing clients’ key business needs, optimizing their business processes and helping them transform business activities that are part of an organization‚Äôs non-core activities.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in Dubai, UAE

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a cost-effective way for companies to maintain their speed and agility in ensuring on-time delivery by handing over control of non-core or administrative activities that are known to cause bottlenecks to specialists in the field. As a leading BPO Company in Dubai, CubeZix offers a wide range of BPO services in Dubai, including back-office outsourcing and front-office outsourcing.

By outsourcing routine and time-consuming business procedures to our BPO Company in Dubai, you can focus your time, resources, and efforts on completing business processes effectively, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our BPO services in Dubai include internal corporate functions like human resources, finance, and accounting, as well as customer-related services. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your business needs and develop a customized solution that meets your specific requirements.

CubeZix is committed to delivering cost-effective, high-quality BPO services that help businesses increase efficiency and improve their bottom line. With our BPO services in Dubai, you can trust that your business processes are in good hands and that your customers are being taken care of.

Business Process Outsourcing - Cubezix

BPO services in Dubai, UAE

We create value across the IT spectrum through deploying innovation, structuring transformation and unlocking growth for your company.

Payroll and Accounting

Rather than hiring an internal finance or payroll team, every organization should hire professionals who can manage your accounting & payroll documentation, expense claim disbursement, and payslip processing in simple steps.


One approach to avoid  tedious work is to outsource administrative services like Transcription, Data Processing, Data Entry, Document Preparation, Presentations. Spend more time adopting methods that will help your company grow to its full potential.

Talent & HR

HR outsourcing is a contract between an employer and an external third-party provider in which the employer gives the external provider administration and accountability for certain HR functions.

Customer Support

Customer service outsourcing is the act of outsourcing some aspect of your customer service operations to a third-party vendor or service provider.

Sales & Customer Operations

Transforming Sales, marketing and services operations to deliver sustainable breakthrough growth.


Our outsourced marketing team will work closely with your team to identify key business objectives, assess current marketing activities and develop a results-driven strategy that will maximize your ROI.

Reliable Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services in Dubai

We create value across the IT spectrum through deploying innovation, structuring transformation and unlocking growth for your company.

Benefits of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO Services) ?

Cost Reduction

Organizations can considerably enhance their bottom line by lowering their operational costs. Furthermore, many processes need the hiring and training of new personnel. Operational, recruitment, and training costs can all be significantly reduced by outsourcing company processes.

Productivity Growth

Many of the procedures are tedious and repetitious. Organizations can focus on core operating areas by outsourcing certain activities, which leads to increased productivity.

Strategic Advantage

Customers are directly contacted by BPOs. As a result, they obtain direct feedback from customers on products and services, allowing them to make improvements. Furthermore, they provide service support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which is critical in customer service operations.

Business Risk Mitigation

There are dangers connected with business processes, even if they are non-core. Outsourcing allows businesses to delegate responsibility to experts in the sector who can better plan risk mitigation.

Utilization improvement

Experienced resources are compelled to perform non-core tasks, which has a negative impact on their productivity. Outsourcing routine tasks allows for better resource utilization.

Superior competency

Non-core operations are managed by BPOs, which are comprised of experienced employees with technical competence and advanced technology access.

24/7 IT Support

BPO Solutions for various industries

CubeZix combines business strategy with customer insights and experience design to deliver business process outsourcing transformation. From Payroll to administration and HR, through customer service, we help drive a total customer experience transformation. CubeZix also helps organizations implement and leverage processes to create meaningful customer value and empower teams.
Valerio Pensalfini
Valerio Pensalfini
Cubezix technologies are very honest and fast, every problem we are facing in our company have been resolved in a very professional way. Many thanks to Mr. Parveen helping us. Highly Recommended. Smart Idea Carpentry LLC
Finance || Diva Modelling & Events
Finance || Diva Modelling & Events
We currently hire cube x for our IT services. The staff of Cube x is very talented & good & services are excellent.
Tuf Group
Tuf Group
Cubezix IT company is one of the best IT Outsourcing service providing. We got telephone & attendance machine solution from them. They also provided training very well.
alson negrido
alson negrido
CubeZix is providing Good services and work from IT outsourcing company. All engineer are very professional.
Ethan Andre Mateo
Ethan Andre Mateo
Cubezix is one of the highly recommending IT AMC provider for all who are looking to outsource their IT or need IT services from existing and new projects. Their Engineers are very professional and providing IT Support in a very efficient way.
Yara M.
Yara M.
Great IT AMC Support, friendly staff and amazing customer service. We have been with cubezix for the past few years and would highly recommend it to everyone.
Daniel J.
Daniel J.
Would have no hesitation in recommending Cubezix for IT Support. They are very professional, technically strong and friendly.
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