Server Virtualization Services

CubeZix provides up to the mark server virtualization services for your all of your IT related needs.

Server Virtualization Service in Dubai

In the time of virtualization when any of the organizations who are challenged by the limitations of traditional servers, which were designed to run only one Operating System and application at a time is disappointing.

On a day-to-day basis, many organizations are faced with an increasing number of challenges related to the limitations that classic servers provide. Traditional servers are constructed in a manner where they enable users to make use of a single operating system, giving you access to a single application at any given moment in time. This necessitates the use of an organization deploying countless servers, working at their least capacity.

server virtualization services - CubeZix

Server Virtualization Solutions

With our brilliant virtualization services, you can now give your business the opportunity to run several operating systems with their respective applications in one go. It’s the best way to cut down on cost, optimize server usage and carry out great energy savings.

And that’s not all. Your workload will not only become deployed at a faster pace, your rate of performance as well as availability will increase. The end result is an IT infrastructure that comprises of effective server utilization at minimal cost of operation.

Support provided by CubeZix for issues:

  • Support to reduce costs by simplifying management
  • Support for any kind of hardware issues
  • Support for infrastructure with fewer server admin resources
  • Realize optimal utilization of your IT investments
  • Build High Availability, Geo-Redundancy and Fault Tolerance for higher uptime
  • Achieve almost near-time data protection with robust backups and disaster recovery solutions for virtualization
  • Virtual Server Managed Backup Support Services
  • Virtual Server Managed Replication Support Services
  • Virtual Server Quick Restore for Improved Disaster Recovery
  • Fast Virtual Server Provisioning Support
  • Additional Virtual Server Resources Quickly Support
  • Virtual Server Monitoring, Anti-Virus, Patching and Server Management Support

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Server Virtualization Solutions Services

With a distinct array of Cloud Servers at hand, you are given the opportunity to break away from the stereotypical server configurations. This keeps your organization separate from the increasing costs that come with underutilized resources. Our virtual infrastructure will give your business the chance to alter, add or remove server resources as need be.

At CubeZix, we can help you eliminate countless useless servers by giving you the opportunity to purchase a minimum number of good quality servers. These will contain virtualization options that allow you to obtain different application-related servers in them. Bidding farewell to increased capital and administrative costs has never been easier than today.

Valerio Pensalfini
Valerio Pensalfini
Cubezix technologies are very honest and fast, every problem we are facing in our company have been resolved in a very professional way. Many thanks to Mr. Parveen helping us. Highly Recommended. Smart Idea Carpentry LLC
Finance || Diva Modelling & Events
Finance || Diva Modelling & Events
We currently hire cube x for our IT services. The staff of Cube x is very talented & good & services are excellent.
Tuf Group
Tuf Group
Cubezix IT company is one of the best IT Outsourcing service providing. We got telephone & attendance machine solution from them. They also provided training very well.
alson negrido
alson negrido
CubeZix is providing Good services and work from IT outsourcing company. All engineer are very professional.
Ethan Andre Mateo
Ethan Andre Mateo
Cubezix is one of the highly recommending IT AMC provider for all who are looking to outsource their IT or need IT services from existing and new projects. Their Engineers are very professional and providing IT Support in a very efficient way.
Yara M.
Yara M.
Great IT AMC Support, friendly staff and amazing customer service. We have been with cubezix for the past few years and would highly recommend it to everyone.
Daniel J.
Daniel J.
Would have no hesitation in recommending Cubezix for IT Support. They are very professional, technically strong and friendly.
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