Complete New Office IT Setup in Dubai

Provides Customized Solutions | Complete It Supply, Installation And Maintenance

New office IT Setup Solutions

Making up a fantasy new workspace in your head is a thrilling prospect. However, if you are unfamiliar with the essentials required to execute it successfully, it can generate a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. At CubeZix, we have a dedicated team qualified to assist businesses in Dubai with new office IT setup solutions. We offer consultancy, create a plan, and set up an office to satisfy all of your IT infrastructure demands.

Our staff has vast experience in office IT setup in numerous locations throughout Dubai. We simply customize our designs to match your IT infrastructure demands, flexible to work with any timetable that you have in mind, whether you need help with IT set-up for your new office in Dubai or need help changing your existing office space.

Complete New Office IT Setup in Dubai

IT Setup Solutions for New Office

  • Desktop support (MAC/Windows)
  • System management check
  • Disk clean
  • Antivirus and malware
  • Email security and management
  • Servers and attached storage
  • Telephone Systems (PBX)
  • Server Back up
  • Data Restore
  • Telephone Equipment’s
Laptop & Desktop Support

PC & Laptop

printer installation

Printer & Scanner



Pabx Telephone System

PABX Telephone System

Server Support


Cloud solution

Cloud Subscription

Web Hosting Support

NAS Drive

Switches & Firewall

Switches & Firewall


CCTV & IT Peripherals

Access Control

Access Control System

For New IT Office Setup

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New office IT Infrastructure Setup & Support

Step 1:

We begin by compiling a list of all of your communication systems. Our staff would sit down and document all of your IT infrastructure requirements, examine the physical site, and create a strategic strategy for your new office IT setup in Dubai.

Step 2:

It is critical to install suitable data cabling and equipment in your new business. It is critical to ensure a seamless operation of your organization’s IT system, which includes servers, desktops, wireless routers, network switches, routers, printers, telephone systems, and FAX machines. Our staff assists you with the planning, design, and installation of your office’s cabling. CubeZix provides structured cabling solutions.

Step 3:

Internet and Phone Communication Systems

Our staff collaborates directly with Du and Etisalat to provide the best and most appropriate communication solutions for your company. Our plans also take into account any near-term growth that you may anticipate and proceed accordingly. CubeZix infrastructure offers IP-PBX solutions for effective and high-quality output for all of your requirements.

Step 4:

Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

Wi-Fi issues are prevalent, causing disruptions and lowering the overall efficiency of your office workers. Our strategic Wi-Fi systems ensure complete connectivity among the various components of your workplace space. CubeZix infrastructure facilitates a continuous flow of data and communication between you and your staff, as well as between you and your customers and partners.

Step 5:

Security Solution Implementation

Security solutions are important to securing your company’s long-term prosperity. Our team is well-equipped to build a security plan that satisfies all of your requirements and to establish a safe, productive environment for your employees. Our services go beyond installation to ensure that you have any future security solutions that you may require.

Step 6:

Backup Solution Implementation

Our team understands how critical it is to take precautions to protect your data from future threats and to avoid data loss. We ensure that your data is backed up and stored in locations where it will not be lost due to a sudden infiltration or damage to your infrastructure with our data backup strategy. In the event of an emergency, our solutions ensure complete recovery.

Step 7:

Testing Your New Office Network

Our team arrives on-site with your employees on Day One to ensure that all questions are answered and that any networking issues are resolved as soon as possible. Once everything is in place, our team double-checks that all of the cabling’s access points are in the correct locations. It also ensures that the phone lines are properly connected and that all internet and telecom solutions are operational (such as call-forwarding, FAX, etc.) Before making a complete handover to your communication operators, any issues with Wi-Fi connectivity and speed are resolved.

Step 8:

Equipment Set-up

CubeZix is an authorized reseller of all office equipment, including desktop computers, laptop computers, copiers, printers, and so on. Our products are genuine and available at reasonable prices. Before installation, all of the equipment will be matched to your specifications.

Step 9:

Cloud Subscriptions and Business Collaboration Integrations

CubeZix solutions also include domain hosting and email intrusion detection systems. To provide you with excellent services at reasonable prices, we only work with authorized partners such as Microsoft, Google, and Cisco.

Step 10:

Even after all of your IT infrastructure has been installed and implemented, the CubeZix team provides ongoing support for all future IT troubleshooting through our expert AMC services.