Office Telephone System Dubai

We assist our customers in selecting the best office telephone system in Dubai. We have a very advanced team to support your phone system requirements, whether it is an IP PBX or a traditional PABX system.

PABX System Installation Dubai

We provide PABX system installation in Dubai. A private telephone network within an enterprise is referred to as a Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX). This system enables a company’s internal communication in the most cost-effective manner. Instead of using separate phone lines, all users share a small pool of lines. In addition, to meet the ever-changing telecommunication needs of modern businesses, the PABX system includes features such as call transfer, conference calling, speed dialing, call waiting, voicemail, automatic ring back, and call forwarding.

To meet our customers needs, we work with top brands such as Cisco PABX, Panasonic PABX, Samsung PABX, Avaya PBX, and Alcatel PABX. Our team will assist you in determining the best solution for your company.

Creating an innovative, wellrounded solution for all your IP PBX needs, there’s no one better than CubeZix. Our expert technicians know how to install an IP PBX system anywherefrom small startups to large corporationswith ease. If you’re searching for an innovative solution for all your business needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

PABX System Installation Dubai

IP PBX Dubai

IP PBX systems offer more features than traditional analog phone systems. These features, such as mobility and unified communications, enable businesses to be more productive than ever before. Mobility enables a user to make and receive calls and voice mail from anywhere, including while on a business trip outside the country. Unified communication allows users to access voice, video, and fax capabilities from a single location. 

A PBX, or Private Branch Exchange, is a private business telephone phone system used in a company. This system has a large number of outside lines that users can share to make outbound phone calls. A PBX also connects the phones within the company and connects these people to outside lines. By dividing lines within a company, you will have a greater variety of handsets when compared to the number of lines required, lowering costs. As a business, you will need to purchase, install, and operate a PBX network within the office.


Installing a PABX system within a private network to automate telephone switching. In a typical corporate setup, phone lines are used to handle both incoming and outgoing phone calls. In this configuration, the phone carrier is responsible for managing multiple lines, each of which leads to a multi-line unit managed by an on-call operator. This configuration allows outside calls to enter the private network through a single point of contact while also allowing multiple extension units to communicate within the network.

If you need an IP PBX system installation in Dubai, our expert team will be able to find the best solution for you.

Why You Should Consider Installing an IP PBX System In Dubai

Management of Incoming Calls

Businesses require a system that allows them to manage their calls in an efficient and effective manner. An IP PBX system is the best way to accomplish this. This system combines all of the features of a traditional PBX with the added flexibility of automated call transferring. This means that businesses will be able to use live personnel to receive and transfer incoming calls to their respective internal contact points, providing them with a personality that can represent their company to clients, potential business partners, and the general public.

Management of Internal Calls

The use of an IP PBX system in Dubai has grown in popularity among many businesses because it allows them to save money on labor costs while still allowing their employees to communicate with one another internally. The system also provides an extension number directory and creates an internal connection through voice interaction, making communication between two internal contact points simple, quick, and efficient.

Speed Dialing

Time is of the essence for those who rely on the phone on a daily basis to contact clients, potential customers, and other people outside the company. Through programmable speed dialing features, IP PBX system installation in Dubai can facilitate faster communication. With the press of a single button, you can quickly connect to another frequently dialed number.

Automated Enquiry Assistance

At CubeZix, we offer customized call routing through our state-of-the-art PBX system. You can program an automated call directing path into our system so that customers who want to know more about your company and offerings can be directed to the department that deals with their particular inquiry.

Navigable Interface

One reason to employ a variety of PABX systems in Dubai is the navigable user interface. This type of system accommodates voice interactive inquiry functions. This feature, combined with the standard station handset buttons, makes technological integration into daily operations easy and efficient.

Flexible, Hands-Free Features

PABX system installation in Dubai can be paired with hands-free headsets, so heavy telephone users are not tethered to one spot while taking and making calls. This gives personnel a certain sense of freedom, which can boost their creativity and productivity.

IP PABX Telephone System Installation

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Installation and Maintenance of IP PBX in Dubai

The PABX system is a critical component of the technological infrastructure. It is the channel through which various types of information flow from one source to another. It enables different corporate network contact points to communicate with one another via a secure private line. It also enables those same contact points to communicate with one another via an outside line. PABX systems in Dubai and around the world function as a neural network, connecting various departments to facilitate the unified functionality of the entire company.

We have the technical expertise and industry experience at CubeZix to perform IP PBX Dubai within any infrastructure. We can assist you with a network that is suitable for a start-up or a more extensive connection for your mid-sized business. We combine industry-leading craftsmanship, top-of-the-line technologies, and upgradeable systems to create a comprehensive network that is perfectly positioned to handle any rate of growth, at any level.