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IT Outsourcing in Dubai

Boost your Business growth with CubeZix IT Outsourcing services in Dubai, UAE.

IT Outsourcing Companies in Dubai

CubeZix is one of the best IT Outsourcing companies in Dubai. Implementing & maintaining in-house business solutions can be a big investment and may be a challenge for your resources and time. That’s where Cubezix IT Outsourcing services come in that saves your time, reduces stress & simplifies the process for managing your business. Running your business involves having to manage several aspects. You don’t need to worry about the support and information technology update. The IT Department will take care of it, its staff will come to rescue you at the first call. Such companies usually invite to work the best IT specialists, to ensure maximum protection of data, high speed of work of office equipment, new software that is able to solve business problems successfully.

IT Outsourcing in Dubai
CubeZix Managed-IT-Services

Full-service IT outsourcing

Outsource your entire IT landscape, including IT service planning and management, to achieve greater business performance.


Co-sourcing with an in-house IT team

Delegate your daily IT operations and execution of new IT-related business initiatives.

CubeZix Hardware-Installation

Co-sourcing with other vendors

Strengthen your IT vendor ecosystem with CubeZix as a managed service provider for a specific part of your IT environment.

IT Outsourcing Services in Dubai

The IT outsourcing service has changed the way businesses function and operate their information systems. Research indicates that with IT outsourcing, your business can cut down about 20-25% of IT operating costs and this can be a huge saving for small and start-up businesses. Also, with this outsourcing service, your IT staff can focus on core business projects that can bring more business and thereby improve the overall productivity of your organization.

IT Hardware and Software Services

1. Desktop, Pc’s and Workstation
2. Network Security Solutions 
3. Apple & Microsoft Hardware
4. Microsoft Licensing
5. Network Equipment (Switches & Routers)
6. Peripherals
7. Server Hardware

Laptop & Desktop Support

Desktop and Laptop Support


Network Support

CubeZix Cyber-Security

Maintenance and Security

Server Support

Server Support

Cloud solution

Email Hosting Support

Web Hosting Support

Web Hosting Support

CubeZix Outsourced IT Services in Dubai

Get in touch with our team today to start building your IT-driven competitiveness.

Outsourced IT Services Dubai, UAE

The regularity, efficiency, and diversity of provided services are the main advantages of IT outsourcing in Dubai, UAE. Regular maintenance, updates, and diagnostics allow preventing unnecessary damage and failures of equipment. However, if there is a failure, IT specialists of the company will promptly correct the problem, you only have to call.

Software setup and configuration, personal computer optimization, virus protection, computer maintenance, data backup, and consulting. Signing IT AMC Dubai IT outsourcing agreement our client gets a complete set of professional services for a fixed fee.