5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs IT Support


Many businesses do not have IT support in place. They wait till there is a problem before enlisting the aid of IT experts to fix it. Instead of ad-hoc IT help, your company might gain from it in a number of ways if it is ongoing.

Here are five reasons why

1) 24/7 Maintenance

When you have ongoing IT assistance, you can rest easy knowing that your IT systems are being maintained 365 days per year, 24 hours per day. If something goes wrong with your systems, our staff gets real-time notifications, allowing us to proactively look into the problem and get it fixed fast for you. This includes:

  • Server problems or failure
  • Lack of storage
  • Slow WiFi

This is critical since server faults can disrupt the overall operation of your organization, including access to customer data and critical information. A lack of storage, if left unnoticed, might cause issues with your backup data and slow down your systems, affecting your company’s efficiency. Slow WiFi might be one of the most aggravating concerns for your staff, reducing productivity.

To keep your organization functioning smoothly and efficiently, all of these must be checked and rectified immediately. If you rely on ad hoc IT help to resolve issues, these are only addressed when they become serious problems; this is when people become aware of them. At this stage, you must arrange for the concerns to be investigated and rectified, which may have an impact on your business while you wait.

2) Secure Data

One of the most crucial aspects of an IT system is keeping your data safe and secure. With viruses and hackers growing more sophisticated, you want to ensure that your data is secure.

When you have ongoing IT assistance, we ensure that you have limitless storage backups; we use Dropbox for cloud-based storage and backup to ensure that your data remains intact if something happens on your premises.

We employ encryption to protect your customer information, and email is hosted securely to avoid hackers and viruses. Furthermore, with 24/7 monitoring available every day of the year, if there are any difficulties with your backups, we will detect them immediately and resolve them for you.

3) Cost-effective

Employing your own IT personnel in-house might be costly. Individuals in this industry typically command high salaries, so bringing them in could be costly. The recruitment and interviewing procedure can be time-consuming and costly; you will need to either hire a specialist IT recruitment business or be confident that you have the knowledge to assess their experience and skills.

All of this may be avoided with continuing IT help from a specialized business. We have an experienced, qualified crew with all the necessary skills and knowledge at CubeZix. We are dependable and adaptable, collaborating with you to ensure that your business service levels are maintained while any IT maintenance is completed. You gain from economies of scale because you will not need to hire full-time IT professionals in your organization, but you will have a full-time IT team at your disposal!

4) GDPR Compliance

Our IT support staff will ensure compliance with the rules from a systems standpoint, as well as compliance with any software and hardware regulations. The team stays updated on all new legislation and takes proactive actions to keep your company safe and compliant. They will also monitor your software licenses to ensure they are up to date, but they will also work with you to prepare for the end of life of any of these products, considering replacements or upgrades as needed.

5) Real-time Support and Upgrades

With ongoing IT support, the team has a thorough understanding of your present IT systems and your needs. They protect your software, hardware, and data from viruses and hacker attempts. The team can maintain your assets in real time and upgrade and downgrade storage as needed to keep systems as up to date as possible.

You will not only have your own IT staff available to assist you at any time, but you will also benefit from our purchasing power when purchasing new equipment or upgrading your existing system.

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