IT Outsourcing Companies in Dubai


it outsourcing companies in dubai

IT companies have spread their wings and have become an imperative aspect of any successful business. A businessman is forced to access a secure and high-quality IT infrastructure as it has become a vital part of his day-to-day business dealings and running of office activities smoothly. The establishment of many IT outsourcing companies in Dubai is a big reason to control the quality output of any big company and play a vital role in its success.

The Need for IT Outsourcing Companies in Dubai


Some companies decide to hire an in-house IT person while others take the services of IT system installation firms. The decision depends on the priorities of the owner keeping in mind quality and control. Keeping an in-house It person may end up in spending most of your budget on his payroll while hiring an IT company can affect the quality of the networking. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of in-house IT support.

Pros of In-house IT Support


Organization Familiarity


As the in-house person is a part of your system he is greatly familiar with your organization’s wants and needs. They are in tune with the culture of your company and are always on-site. If your company carries a specific core operation and work culture or it has a highly confidential set of activities then having an in-house person is best. It will save your company from getting potentially harmed if the data is made public.

Complete Ownership and Control


In-house IT support allows you to have complete control over your company and the system’s functionality.

Immediately Available


In case you are facing a technical glitch then the outsource IT specialist will not be available instantly. You can only access him on his routine visits and urgent repairs. An in-house IT person is all the time available to you.

Cons of In-house IT Support


Limited Expertise


Complex security issues and network diagnostics are not always solvable by an ordinary IT professional. In this case, you will have to hire more than one IT specialist to meet your technological needs.

Equipment Investment


IT support system requires specialized equipment to run a smooth networking system. The equipment is expensive to install and maintain. Moreover switching to newer technologies every now and then leads to costly switching costs.



Having a full-time IT person is a costly Endeavor.  For small businesses, it causes high overhead.

Final Thoughts


Hiring an in-house IT person is favorable for small companies while big business requires the support of IT outsourcing companies.

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