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Managing your IT systems and providing expert managed IT support to keep your business up and running  24/7.

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Managed IT Support in Dubai

CubeZix can provide businesses in Dubai, UAE with managed IT support services such as IT System Monitoring, IT Infrastructure, IT Helpdesk, Outsourced IT Support, and Employee IT Education. We create personalized, managed IT assistance for each customer.

Our commitment to preventative maintenance also drives our managed IT services. We keep an eye on your IT systems 24 hours a day, checking for any issues. CubeZix  also prioritizes open and honest contact with all of our clients, delivering regular system updates and promptly reacting to your demands.

Managed IT Support - Cubezix

Get Managed IT Support in Dubai, UAE

We create value across the IT spectrum through deploying innovation, structuring transformation and unlocking growth for your company.

Managed IT Services: Ensuring Optimal Performance and Security of Your Company's IT Infrastructure and Workstations

Regular monitoring, maintenance, repairs, and updates to a company’s IT infrastructure, workstations, or network are all part of managed IT services. Many firms used to call an external IT support company on an ad hoc basis to fix a specific problem when it happens.

Managed IT service providers, on the other hand, charge a monthly fee to provide daily support, monitoring, and helpdesk services to your company. Our managed IT services also include employee education on IT systems and cybersecurity with CubeZix. Our managed IT support specialists are highly skilled and qualified to meet your most critical IT support needs while also integrating the most cutting-edge technology. 

Complete Onsite and Cloud Managed IT Services for Optimal Functionality and Security with CubeZix

Managed IT service providers are in charge of keeping your systems up and functioning. This covers onsite support for computers, servers, and network hardware at CubeZix. Regular maintenance, proactive monitoring, cyber security and anti-virus solutions, disaster recovery and backup services, full cloud IT platform support, and operating system patch management are also available. Our engineers schedule site visits with you on a frequent basis to address issues or manage change requests in person.

We give your organization with the best IT services to fit you through our innovative Service Desk Ticket Management System and our Service Level Agreement (SLA). Our level of service does not differ depending on the size of the company; we are committed to providing competent managed IT support to all of our clients.

Benefits Of Managed IT Support For Business?

Managed IT service providers can provide a variety of IT support services. It is expensive to hire an in-house team to handle everything from internal networks and systems monitoring to cyber security and cloud support. Your company may benefit from IT experience at a fraction of the cost with managed IT service. Managed IT service providers bridge the gap between an in-house IT team and ad-hoc IT contractors.

Not only will our experience assist your company, but so will the predictability. Rather than incurring a large cost when something goes wrong, you pay a monthly price that covers any issues that arise, based on our Service Level Agreement. Managed IT services might also help you save time. We can discover and address problems early because to our proactive monitoring, which cuts down on the time it takes to resolve them.

Is Managed IT Support Outsourcing?

Outsourcing and managed IT support are extremely similar. They differ in how contracts and service level agreements are finalized. Some IT outsourcing company may refuse to sign a contract with you, instead settling your issues on an ad hoc basis. Managed IT service companies, on the other hand, will enter into an agreement with you that specifies their level of service and expectations. Managed IT services can either supplement or replace your existing IT personnel.

CubeZix offers both managed and outsourced IT support.