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Providing professional outsourced IT support to help businesses in Dubai, UAE who don’t require an in-house IT Support team.

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Outsourced IT Support Dubai

Outsourced IT support is proving to be beneficial to a growing number of businesses and organizations in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. By outsourcing these services, you may create adaptable IT solutions and keep on top of the latest digital developments.

CubeZix is a renowned IT support firm in Dubai, offering small, medium, and large businesses flexible outsourced IT services. You’ll have access to a remote team of IT engineers as well as a dedicated account manager with our outsourced IT support.

Outsourced IT Support - Cubezix

What Is Outsourced IT Support?

An IT company that provides all or part of a business’s IT services is known as outsourced IT assistance. Outsourced IT support is when you hire an IT support business to run your IT department entirely or partially. You can also hire IT consultants for a specific project.

We offer scalable IT outsourcing for businesses of all sizes at CubeZix. You can completely rely on our remote crew for your IT infrastructure if your demands necessitate it. You can also employ our cyber security services to supplement your in-house IT department. Because we provide adaptable solutions, we are a leading provider of IT assistance in Dubai, UAE.

Get Reliable Outsourced IT Support in Dubai, UAE

We create value across the IT spectrum through deploying innovation, structuring transformation and unlocking growth for your company.

Why Should You Outsource Your IT Department?

Outsourcing your IT department has various advantages. You’ll have unlimited access to our Helpdesk with Amazing Support — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our remote crew will be prepared to handle any issues that arise. We also offer proactive monitoring, which detects problems before they become a problem. We minimize downtime for your organization by rapidly resolving issues.

CubeZix provides you with access to a Microsoft Silver Partner when you outsource your IT to them. Each client is allocated an account manager as part of our expert support. Your account manager is your primary point of contact with us, facilitating communication and allocating the resources needed to handle your issues.

Expert Support - Patch Management, Anti-Virus Checks, And Cyber Security

You’ll have access to our specialized IT engineers if you choose us for your outsourced IT. Patch management, anti-virus checks, and cyber security are all performed on your computers by them. We keep all of your software and operating systems up to date with our IT monitoring. We’re always up to date on the newest patches and upgrades from key suppliers because we’re qualified specialists.

We also do regular anti-virus scans and provide you with thorough information on your systems. Our bigger cyber security strategy includes patch management and anti-virus reports. Apart from our IT support team, Amazing Support has dedicated cyber security expertise. Our cyber security professionals are masters in keeping your systems, workstations, and networks secure, preventing digital threats, and performing frequent backups. Apart from our outsourced IT services, we also provide cyber security training to your employees if your company requires it.

Efficiency And Expertise Of Outsourced IT Services

Your organization will save money by outsourcing your IT department. Working with us allows you to save money on your internal employees. You can also work up a contract with us based on your spending that will match your specific business demands. Our services are expandable, as previously stated. So that if your company grows, we can scale up our IT support.

You’ll also increase productivity by collaborating with our IT experts. You won’t have to spend money on internal IT training and development. You can concentrate on your business while we manage your IT infrastructure and network. You’ll never have to wait for a response if you have access to our Helpdesk.