Best Cloud Hosting Solutions in Dubai


IT is an ever-evolving industry and it provides the best IT-managed services in Dubai, you need to learn and adapt to the needs of clients. Today, Companies and individuals prefer to purchase services from companies that provide cloud services in Dubai to maintain cost, improve efficiency avail many other benefits via the shared network.  These services are hosted in a data center that can be accessed by multiple users through network connectivity

Being a Dubai-based IT company, we provide 360o solutions to SMEs and large enterprises across the globe. Since cloud backup protects the data automatically, you need not worry about day-to-day critical information. Cloud is flexible and secure, Find below a few key benefits of Cloud Computing

Competitive Edge

Moving to the cloud allows businesses to use enterprise-class technology. Since the service providers take the responsibility of completing the process i.e. software installation, upgrade, and maintain the backup, companies don’t need to invest in their own servers or higher extra staff to maintain data.

Environmentally Friendly

Go green is the new buzz of our time; cutting down on traditional data centers and shifting to public cloud providers reduces carbon emissions and electricity expenditure. Since hardware needs maintenance, continuous power supply, and electricity, shifting to the cloud saves electricity and brings better energy efficiency. A study suggests that shifting business applications i.e. email and CRM may save enough electricity to power Los Angeles for a year.


A stolen laptop won’t be as painful as it was earlier, because your data is saved on the cloud, not on a machine. All you need to do is remove your data remotely to save it from the wrong hands. Best IT managed services in Dubai have multi-layered security for data centers; when data is in the cloud, employees will have controlled access. Keeping people physically away from critical data decreases the risk of attack from third parties. Cloud infrastructure is monitored all the time to protect information from security threats.

These benefits reflect shifting to cloud computing would be the best business decision you will make to take advantage of technology. If you haven’t moved to Cloud Computing, get in touch with Cubezix today.

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