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Practicing as an IT consultant in Dubai always brings uncommon, varied and exciting challenges every day. That is why IT consultancy services are provided by tech-geeks who have loads of experience of handling complex problems at multiple instances across different platforms in different working environments.

But, sometimes these challenges can become a mess if the recruiter doesn’t communicate the problems clearly to you. As a result, the project may end up in worse situation and it may also impact your own reputation.

However, there are few indicators to warn you about kind of warzone you are about to step in. They will also help you analyze you encounter upcoming challenges.

Do you have experience in application support?

An experienced IT support provider is supposed to have application support experience and recruiters doesn’t ask this question usually. But if they have asked the question, a red flag must be raised in your mind related to the issues arising from the application that is in use of this organization. Maybe the application is crashing too much and the previous consultant wasn’t able to identify the bug or any other person on-board doesn’t know how to fix it. You can have an idea of where you are stepping into, if you think it is something you can counter, go ahead.

Would you be comfortable working with products that are no longer supported?

This question is particularly asked if the application was built long ago or it was built in bits and pieces that are not easily upgradable. The best IT consultants in Dubai often have hands-on experience with such technologies, but to summarize all the information and providing up gradation solution syncing the latest technology can become a tedious task.

If you are looking for consultancy services, CubeZix provides best IT consultants in Dubai who are well versed in aligning the latest technologies with all type of business models.

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