Impact of IT Infrastructure Services on Businesses


it infrastructure services

Ever Since Managed IT Infrastructure Services started driving most of the critical tasks and kept companies and major firms in the driver’s seat based on productivity, They’ve achieved the tag of being un-missable.”

The intangible outcome does affect the business value of information technology in the organization. Moreover, inefficient IT infrastructure management can put a severe dent in your economic backbone.

In fact, most of our clients initially experienced that the average cost of network downtime is around AED 1,600 per minute (average). That’s precisely why managed IT infrastructure services are been considered a critical success factor for operations. But before diving into its diverse multitudes, it’s important to have a better grasp of the underlying concepts of information technology infrastructure management.

IT infrastructure is similar to building infrastructure in that it consists of physical components that support the activities and services that are required by users to support business functions. There are applications that support key functions, servers that host the applications, and data centers that house the servers. There is also a networking infrastructure that facilitates access to applications and servers for the business. The term IT infrastructure refers to all of the components and elements that support management and access functions for data and information, along with other services.

Cubezix is a pioneer in handling AMCs for IT Infrastructure industry clients.

Let’s say your company relies heavily on you 24/7/365, so you need critical communications support around the clock throughout the year. If a system goes down at 2 a.m., we’ll provide technical expertise to answer questions, resolve issues and get you up and running. As an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) customer, your call becomes our top priority. That means:

  • Priority access to Level 3 and 4 support for both Cubezix and third‑party software and hardware support assets.
  • Guaranteed one‑hour emergency and two‑hour non‑emergency response times, round the clock.
  • Coordination with on‑site technical resources.
  • Total access to our Tech‑Link Website filled with resources and product details for fast, easy answers and fixes
  • Management and license renewal of third-party software used in our System.

Please contact us for any IT infrastructure-related queries.

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