Data Structured Cabling Services in Dubai


Data Structured Cabling Services in Dubai

No one can deny the importance of a network system in the tenure of a successful business. A well-built network system can quickly adapt to new technologies, modify as per need, and is cost-efficient. Cubezix is a well-known structured cabling service in Dubai; specializing in cable laying, installation of the connectors, and fixing of network cabinets. We are highly efficient in installing fiber optic cabling that supports wireless LAN expansions.  We also work in implementing new LAN or WAN systems as per new technological standards, our specialization in the best cables and network infrastructure provides a fast, reliable, and scalable network for your business. Our experienced team of professionals gives structured cabling solutions for any business; regardless of the industry, you operate in, requirements, and the number of locations or offices. We are also taken as the best structured cabling company in Dubai because we complete projects within budget and deadlines

Our Structured Cabling Services Include the Following

  • Planning and designing of complete structured cabling systems for all types of entrepreneurs.
  • Installation and maintenance of copper cable systems
  • An all-in-one solution for designing and installation of LAN, WAN, and Wi-Fi equipment
  • Installation and maintenance of fiber optic cable.
  • Fixing of wall-mounted and freestanding racks and cabinets
  • Wireless infrastructure

Benefits of Structured Cabling Systems


Today, businessmen are hiring structured cabling services in Dubai because of many benefits like

Easy Upgrades


Although it is time-consuming to design modular structured cabling it can be upgraded easily according to company needs which helps businesses to reduce the threats of viral attacks and hacking.

Installation Time


Once designed; the cabling system is very fast and efficient to install or upgrade as per requirement because the foundation of the network is solid enough to support processes

Less Cable Bulk


Cubezix is offering structured cabling services in Dubai that keep your cables free from walkways and congestion.

Prevents Overeating


A well-designed cabling system is optimized for airflow and cooling hence preventing the crushing or overheating of cables

Decrease Power and Cooling Costs


It is cost-effective as it reduces power and maintenance costs in comparison to traditional networking.

Better Hold for Applications


By acquiring structured cabling services in Dubai; you will have ease in use of the network, it saves time because it accommodates easily. Updates and changes can be done quickly with greater flexibility.

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