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Why high quality Structured Cabling Services are so Important?

In telecommunication sector, structured cabling is designed for network infrastructure in a building or campus. A good network communication is very important for any business success and it’s a critical task to build structured cabling for high performance network.

Why You Need High Quality Structured Cabling Services?

A properly installed structured cabling can reduce up-to 50% of most common issues but it requires accurate wiring which is based on a set of standards, created by Electronic Industry Alliance / Telecommunications Industry Association (EIA / TIA) in association with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).  These cabling standards provide technical criteria for building cabling infrastructure that depends on flexibility.

If you want to upgrade your existing network infrastructure or redesigning your office, then you need a certified network engineer who can correctly installed network systems, switches, routers, rack and patch panels, follows Industry Standards (ISO/IEC) cabling like CAT 5e or Cat 6, and use tools for testing & diagnostics.

Types of Structured Cabling

Data Cabling

We provide professional structured cabling in UAE, which is perfectly designed for every business setup.  No matter you are managing a single data center or multiple sites; we follow EIA/TIA and BICSI standards to make sure proper network installation. Our certified network specialists are up-to-date with cabling standards and understand the requirements of your business. From network infrastructure to data cabling, we can help you to design perfect structured cabling as per your business needs.

Fiber Optic Cabling

We provide professional structured cabling in UAE, which is perfectly designed for every business setup.

Low Voltage Cabling

Low Voltage also called structured wiring that refers to the wiring and cabling infrastructure within your home, office, or building, that utilizes advance technologies. If you need to build a network at your new location or moving existing cabling system, CubeZix can help you to plan and fulfill all your cabling needs. Our skilled technician will discuss your specific requirements and give solid solution for low voltage cabling that can be customized as per your exact requirements.

How To Choose Quality Structured Cabling Services?

If you want to get the comprehensive and high quality solutions for structured cabling projects at your facility. You need to find a professional installer who can plan and expertly install cabling structure for optimized network systems that covers fiber optics, low voltage and coaxial cable for broadcasting, AV communications, CCTV cameras, and all other network communication needs. So before you contact with any installer you should know the following:

  • Have you received a detailed quotation in affordable prices?
  • Is that services provider able to design proper cable infrastructure to meet the industry standards and fulfill your business requirements?
  • Are they using high quality cables as per standards and certified from BICI, ANSI, EIA/TIA, and NECE?
  • Will the installer provide you demonstrations with accurate test and results that is according to your business requirements?
  • Can your installer able to diagnose and solve any problem if you move your office or shift your network hardware from one to another room?

CubeZix is leading IT Company in Dubai, and ensure you that all of these questions and requirements will be take care by our experts. Our assessment and design services can help you to maximize your network infrastructure and deliver speed, value, and quality from start to finish. Contact us to set the schedule for structured cabling assessment today.

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