Streamlining IT Maintenance: Best Practices for Effective IT AMC Services in Dubai


Best Practices for Effective IT AMC Services in Dubai

Any organization can’t work without AMCs for the hardware maintenance that ensures the business is at peak performance. Now, for that to happen, the business hardware and peripherals need to be in optimum condition and deliver premium service to the company.

Cubezix is one company that prides itself in delivering quality maintenance service of computer and server infrastructure by use of expert employees. As one of the best IT AMC service providers in Dubai, it caters to a wide range of companies including real estate, healthcare, IT, construction, accounting, and finance. The company ensures that the IT network infrastructure of each company works flawlessly and delivers maximum performance. While performing service of Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) offered to Cubezix, it follows the following best practices:

Client Satisfaction – A Top Priority

For Cubezix, ‘risk’ and ‘cost’ are two factors that determine client services. This is because it is the client that will be paying for the IT AMC Providers in Dubai. It is important that a company assigns value and gives importance to the client’s individual products. Cubezix ensures this by doing end-to-end maintenance and troubleshooting off-site potential problems and technical glitches.

Customizing Maintenance Plan


Most problems occur when the client you deal with is unaware of the services you cater to. This can be easily resolved by providing them with a maintenance plan or a checklist that has all the required services you will be offering to them. It is a good practice so to ensure that the client knows the entire basic infrastructure that you are going to maintain, enabling them to stand on their feet and grow their business manifolds.

Stay Informed About your Frameworks


Bringing the vital documentation required for improved maintenance decisions in performing AMC service is one of the best practices that all companies should follow. This is where Cubezix shines the most. It enables the deployment of best practices to maintain and manage the most technically advanced infrastructure your business has. Some of our services in the AMC maintenance plan constitutes of data and network applications management, asset management, service desk and delivery center service, network monitoring services, and much more.

Other than the above services we have a full-fledged software protection program defined by our technical partners. They are in charge of maintaining the functionality of program software through proper maintenance pacts. Our services are reliable and highly qualified which makes our clients happy.

Follow the 80/20 Rule

The rule originated in Italy, where an economist named Vilfredo Pareto applied this rule to industrial applications. The rule is effective in any type of industry and even in any walk of life. What is stated is that 80% of a company’s processes are useful, while 20% are vital. That’s the same strategy we follow. While delivering AMC maintenance service to our clients, we ensure that we focus on priority tasks first. This means our core focus is on maintaining the infrastructure on a more regular basis that is being used with more than 80 percent efficiency. The 80/20 rule helps us prioritize and streamline the processes of the most value. Before maintaining tasks, we ask the clients to prioritize tasks so that we can work accordingly.

If you are looking for IT AMC services in Dubai, Cubezix is the right solution to get your business objectives and goals with complete satisfaction.

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