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IT AMC Providers in Dubai

Annual maintenance is the most prominent part of an organization that ensures the longevity of any business set up, peripherals, servers, and networks. Cubezix technologies have delivered premium services being a part of IT AMC Providers in Dubai. The wide range of services by our company ensures that the IT network of your company is working flawlessly. The efficient technical experts of our company bring their professional expertise as an added value in your business. You can secure the future of your business through the Annual Maintenance Contract offered by Cubezix.

IT AMC Providers in Dubai and their role

The digital transformation has led to the rise of new technologies while increasing the threats of data breach and invasion. Thus managing an IT company has become a tedious job. Many companies are forced to deviate from the core competencies in order to resolve IT issues which cause ample loss of employee productivity, resources, and time. IT AMC providers help the companies to achieve the competitive advantage. Cubezix believes in delighting our worthy customers and not just gratifying them.

Benefits of Annual Maintenance Contracts

The key points to be successful in the present world are to maintain consistency and improvise quality. Cubezix has been instrumental in providing end-to-end maintenance of your IT system as it would ensure flawless operation when it comes to systems concerned. Our team of professional experts are highly skilled and have the ability to resolve all technical glitches and queries. They are famous to troubleshoot the off-site and on-site potential problems.

What we Offer

Cubezix design, implement and manage systems that enable organizations to stand on their feet and technically grow. As businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on IT we try our best to help the companies meet their objectives seamlessly. Our services help the clients to manage their IT infrastructure from desktops to servers through data, networks, and application. Our customers get assisted by Cubezix throughout their investment life cycle from the preliminary stage until the technology evaluation by procurement, design, and implementation.  Our services include:

  • Asset Management
  • Service Desk
  • Shared Delivery Center
  • Monitoring Services
  • Network Monitoring
  • License Management
  • Business Continuity
  • Infrastructure Monitoring

Other than the above services we have a full-fledged software protection program defined by our technical partners. They are in charge of maintaining the functionality of program software through proper maintenance pact. Our services are reliable and highly qualified that makes our clients happy.

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