Benefits of the IT Annual Maintenance Contract or IT AMC


it annual maintenance contract

AMC refers to Annual Maintenance Contract, and I.T stands for Information Technology. It is also known as Annual Maintenance Charges.  IT AMC involves in desktop support, OS installation, email security, data storage, Telephone Systems (PBX), server management and backup, and computer hardware and software upgrades. Most commonly IT Contract is made for 1 year which can be expanded up to 3 years or 5 years as per the requirements and mutual understanding.

Dubai is a hub of an information technology business that is changing the world. So it is the correct time for you to go forward with the current advancements. For this, you need to make sure that your IT infrastructure is always running smoothly and efficiently. If you sign an IT Annual Maintenance Contract with us, you will get round-the-clock service without having to spend extra money or deal with manual processes.

Why Hire CubeZix?

As a well-known IT Company in Dubai, there are many organizations that are opting with us for the AMC to reduce their expenditures. Our professional engineers can assist you to provide the best AMC service remotely or on-site. So you can focus on your other business matters like sales and marketing, human resource, supply chain management or etc.

Currently, we are delivering prompt, reliable, and affordable IT Annual Maintenance Contract to 500+ businesses in UAE.  If you are looking for an IT Company in Dubai then look no further, we are here to help you provide a cost-effective solution for IT support and services.

24/7 Dedicated Monitoring


Our monitoring system keeps an eye on your business networks and servers through a centralized hub that allows us to immediately reply to alerts and avoid tech failures before they occur. By virtually we will ensure that your IT infrastructure is 100% continue and no downtime, so you and your team will become more productive and focus to grow the business more rapidly.

Specialized Technical Support

You will receive infinite support from our certified team who are highly trained and technically skilled in solving across various IT issues including PC, MAC, Servers, Networks, Security, Email, and Cloud Hosting.  No matter whether you need onsite or remote support, we are specialized in providing technical support as per the inquiry.

Visibility and Ease of Use

We will provide you full visibility to support your IT infrastructure and design a personalized IT dashboard which will be easy to use. You can submit tickets, log queries, monitor solved and unsolved issues, can view IT devices and software, and update the status of the type of requests.

Precautions and Measures

We will regularly monitor your office PCs, servers, and overall network status, so we can identify and manage issues, hidden problems, and threats before they arrive such as weak Wi-Fi signals, malware attempts, low bandwidth and etc. This makes us unique to provide you with proactive vs reactive support

Cyber Security and IT Policies

Due to hacking attempts, cyber security is very important for every business. So we will implement a security strategy that will defend your IT network against malware, viruses, spam, and other threats. So your staff can work without any interruption. Your data is our data so we will also make sure that all the data is carefully backed up on cloud servers or at your workspace. Moreover, you can trust on CubeZix to train your workers and help to create IT policies for your company.

Are you still in a dilemma to find the best IT Company in Dubai for managing high-performance infrastructure and system support? Contact us now and sign the IT Annual Maintenance Contract for a stress-free experience.

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