Structured Cabling in Dubai

A structured cabling system is the first and smallest component of your IT network, transmitting the voice, data, and video signals that you rely on every day for critical business operations. CubeZix provides scalable structured cabling in Dubai to meet all of your infrastructure requirements.

Network Cabling Company in Dubai

Network cables connect network-enabled devices and transport data and information between switches, routers, data storage, IP phones, and other network products. CubeZix is a full-service network cabling company in Dubai, UAE, with the capability to design and install structured cabling in Dubai. Cable laying, connector‚Äďfaceplate installation, network cabinets, and cable testing are all part of providing network cabling services throughout a business. Unshielded twisted pair (UTP), screened (foil) unshielded twisted pair (F/UTP), shielded twisted pair (STP), or multimode or single-mode fiber optics will be used depending on the requirements.

Structured Cabling in Dubai

Complete Structured Cabling Solutions

CubeZix is a leading expert proving Structured Cabling Solutions in Dubai. We can assist you in intelligently designing your space and bringing the benefits of structured cabling to your projects. When you choose CubeZix as your service provider, you get a team of experts with years of experience in the field. Our data cabling installation team has undergone extensive training and adheres to industry standards and practices. They are knowledgeable in all of the latest technologies and only use genuine products.

We offer structured cabling services in Dubai, UAE. We customize our solution designs to meet your organization’s current and future equipment needs, taking into account factors such as the structure of your building, existing infrastructure, cable type, and installation function. Our team’s experience and expertise have helped CubeZix become one of Dubai’s leading structured cabling solution provider in dubai.

We offer custom design, procure and install state-of-the-art infrastructure, and provide complete maintenance for your cabling set up as a fully managed Structured Cabling Service provider. Our solutions work in almost every industry, and we strive to help you stay ahead of the competition without sacrificing the quality of your infrastructure. You can easily move, add, or change your infrastructure with CubeZix-innovative IT’s cost-effective cabling solution, as well as gain access to higher network bandwidth, speed, and performance. Invest in a Structured Cabling System for your office to invest in your company’s future.

Structured Cabling Installation

CubeZix provides a variety of structured cabling installation solutions for data, audio/video, and telecommunications networks. These services are tailored to your needs, including your budget, location, and company size. Our team is adaptable and has extensive experience installing cabling in a variety of environments.

Office Cabling

We provide expert cabling solutions across the office floor that are as efficient as possible, resulting in a seamless environment between user desks and server rooms.

Cable rearrangement issue fixing & maintenance

For emergency response and troubleshooting, our unrivaled support team is available 24/7. We analyze the network, manage the cables, and document/label each component for future management.

Wi-Fi Cabling

Whether you need Wi-Fi access points installed in a new building or support for your existing Wi-Fi cabling system, our team can help.

Telephonic Cabling

Our technicians can set up, expand, and modify a variety of phone systems, including IP, digital, and analog phone systems, as well as WAN/LAN and frame relays.

CCTV Cabling

Our CCTV cabling services are SIRA regulated. We can help you connect all of your surveillance equipment throughout the structure of the building and control sensors from your workstation.

Optic Fiber Splicing

CubeZix examines your current infrastructure to determine the type of optic fiber required to maximize system efficiency and then proposes a plan. All of our structured cabling ensures that data is transmitted without loss throughout your network.

Warehouse Cabling

Warehouses are large structures with unique material and equipment requirements. Our technicians are safety-trained and assist in the design, procurement, and installation of the necessary cabling infrastructure.

Data Centers Cabling

The backbone of any organization’s and ISP’s infrastructure is their data centers. We ensure that your equipment and infrastructure are compatible by installing a long-lasting structured cabling system that is optimized for future use and upgrades.

Audio/Video Cabling

We listen to your needs and recommend the best plan with the best materials for implementing critical control rooms, smart meeting rooms, videowalls, and digital signage.

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Why Choose Network Cabling Company in Dubai?

CubeZix offers a wide range of high-quality, client-focused cabling solutions and services. Our team of infrastructure and networking specialists, as leaders in structured cabling in Dubai, will future-proof your system by proactively managing the process from the first contact to project completion and ongoing support.

We have custom-tailored services to meet all of your needs, whether you’re building, moving, or upgrading. We are one of the best structured cabling companies in Dubai, with experience spanning industries and locations.


Structured cabling services involve the methodical organization of cabling infrastructure to facilitate seamless transmission of data, voice, video, and other signals across a network. We offer expertise in a wide array of structured cabling solutions to suit various needs.

Our services cover a diverse range of applications including office cabling, Wi-Fi cabling, CCTV cabling, telephonic cabling, villa cabling, audio/video cabling, data center cabling, warehouse cabling, optical fiber splicing, cable rearrangement, and comprehensive maintenance support.

Upon project completion, clients will receive a customized Job Completion Report along with a detailed Fluke Test report. The Fluke test ensures industry-standard performance of the structured cabling installation by conducting a series of tests and measurements on each cable.

Structured cabling offers several benefits including improved aesthetics due to its organized setup, reduced potential downtime, time-saving maintenance and upgrades, flexibility to accommodate changes, scalability to meet growing demands, and robust security measures ensuring data integrity and confidentiality.

We begin with a complimentary on-site assessment of your infrastructure to understand your requirements. Following this, we present a structured cabling strategy plan along with a competitive quote. Upon approval, our team proceeds with the cabling installation, providing comprehensive test reports upon completion. We also offer post-installation support through maintenance contracts and warranties for added peace of mind.

Valerio Pensalfini
Valerio Pensalfini
Cubezix technologies are very honest and fast, every problem we are facing in our company have been resolved in a very professional way. Many thanks to Mr. Parveen helping us. Highly Recommended. Smart Idea Carpentry LLC
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Finance || Diva Modelling & Events
We currently hire cube x for our IT services. The staff of Cube x is very talented & good & services are excellent.
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Tuf Group
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alson negrido
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Ethan Andre Mateo
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Yara M.
Great IT AMC Support, friendly staff and amazing customer service. We have been with cubezix for the past few years and would highly recommend it to everyone.
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