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IT AMC Service Company

As a splendid AMC or Annual maintenance contract company in Dubai, Cubezix welcomes clients to a one-of-a-kind opportunity that is based upon thoughtful strategies and brilliantly salient features.

Cubezix gives its Dubai-based clients the opportunity to gain effective solutions and strategies for the efficient functioning of its establishments. And when we talk about Dubai, this point cannot be emphasized enough. After all, competition and quality are important factors worth a glance and this is what separates one establishment from the next.

Cubezix’s leading IT AMC services will enable your software, computers, and other machinery to get the same performance with which they are intended to do so. Whether it’s preventing breakdowns from occurring in the first place or any errors taking place in your firm’s technical infrastructure, we’re covering it all.

Cubezix is a Leading IT AMC Company in Dubai and Moving With Us is a Decision You’ll Never Regret


Our IT AMC services instill the highest level of security in all of your company’s daily operations. We work in the most refined and smart manner, guaranteeing continuous IT-related support to all your digital systems. This covers all other associated telecom infrastructure activities at your organization.  After all, maintenance is just as essential for business management as other routines.

Our IT AMC Company Services in Dubai Are a Class Apart From All Others


Knowing more about our IT AMC planning and outlook design can give your business the boost it needs. We’re talking along the lines of detailed study and comprehensive understanding. This is usually followed by a general review by our inspection team that grades your IT as well as telecom infrastructure. After the comprehensive analysis, we work to schedule a routine inspection of both your IT department and any PCs, servers, and more that might need assistance.

We Value Our Clients and Hence CubeZix Brings Forth the Greatest Value-Filled Services in the World of IT AMC Dubai


The following services are included in our IT AMC inspection unit

  • Comprehensive disk cleaning
  • Thorough desktop support
  • Data restore and server backup programming
  • Desktop support for a variety of computers, Windows, MAC, etc
  • Complete check upon malware, antivirus scanning, etc
  • SAN storage
  • Telephone equipment checks
  • Email security systems and their management
  • Servers and their attached storage design

All the services can be scheduled according to your convenience on a regular or weekly basis, depending upon client request.

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